Spektrum DX3.0

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Manville, NJ
Spektrum DX3.0
I'm thinking of getting this radio. Best price so far is $250.00 with "2" recievers. That's to my door, shipping included. I figured I'll need it. I have the RC bike now, and that radio comes with two recievers, so I'll be good to go for both RCs. Just wondering if that's a good price? This is the DX3.0 which is different than the DX3
Yes that is a good price. Usually they go for 269 shipped. I have the DX3.0 and love it! The only difference is it is the new model over the DX3. I run all my R/C's off of it.
Im pretty happy with my 3.0.I had lost my DX3(to theives) so I was forced to upgrade I got mine on fleabay and caught some people sleeping and snatched it up for 177.00 to the door with 2 receivers.I didnt get the servos but I don't want them anyways.
werloc. 250 is a good price, and thats the same 3.0 I have it it a great radio easy to install and understand and has a ton of set up options. you wont regret it.
the servos are ok servos. the 270 wont do you much on the baja unless you use it on a pico switch or something, its a fairly light duty servo. but the 270 would probably be good for the bike throat
the Z590 is a better servo, and would probably work good for steering on the bike, thraotle on the bike, or a 3rd channel for the baja, but i wouldnt use this servo on any brakes on the baja, its not quite that strong.
i say put those servos in the bike, and you can upgrade later when you have a need for better servos.
Go with the Nomadio NOM 100, it is on sell for 330 shipped to Iraq and in stock
You cant beat that at all

Why spend the extra money on it? $250.00 or less, for everything including 2 recievers. That's the best bang for the buck. I don't want to spend more than that on a system.
i like to keep things simple .. and the DX3.0 suits my needs perfect .. and im sure you'll like it as well .. i bought a dx3.0 for 250.00 Canadian with no servos and 2 rx's , im sure any hobby shop will deal in cash .. 250.00 Can = 200.00 usd there abouts ..
It will as far as I know on the DX3 and the DX3.0.I think Im getting one also.Pretty sure it will work with any 3rd channel receiver but im not 100% on that one.
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