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screamin chicken

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I have a fail safe on my FG Stadium and a DX 3.0 the batteries died so I took them out and now my C button does not work to kill my engine.I am getting power to the Fail because I binded it again and the light did come on but it still does not go through the remote.Does anyone know how to program it.....
you may need to fully rebind the speky setup too, and check chnl 3 on the speky for proper setup , ie linear mode i think it is.

once you rebind the speky, you may need to then re program the failsafe for proper funtion.
just a thought.
don't you have to rebind it with the failsafe "c"button applied ? to activate it ?
you can download the manual from spektrum if you need it also .. im sorry i don't use a kill switch but am a 3.0 user though
That is a Fact. I called it Finger Acrobatics, when trying to sup up failsafesa nd bind the damn things. I hope the DX3R is easier but i know it wont be.
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