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Sportline what? I have a FG Sportline F1. I'm in MN. I've run it for 3 years now and compete wheel to wheel with comp cars.
What's your question?

check them out Eddy, they show good pics of the 1/4 scale F1s from FG Harm and Lauterbacher. and the 1/5 scale from Bergonzoni.

i think RCNUT or LargeScaleRC also have very good F1 pics.

If your interested in new, check Tom at Python!!! He ll hook you up!
Also if you are new to 1/5 scale road racing, get a sedan. The F1's are easier to drive overall, but you also have to have some pretty good experience or a big checkbook.

With all the suspension and the front wings and so on being exposed, you run the risk of damaging much more. On the other hand, a sedan does a pretty good job of protecting most of the car in all but the worst crashes.
Do any members on this forum that LIVE IN THE US have a Sportline?
If so, Please let me know.


I have a Sportline what can I help you with?I have 2 one in box and the other I'm currently using as a sort of frankenstein with Jeff at Neu-Motors he is the top engineer who helps Steve design new Neu-Motors Neu-Energy stuff . I tried to find a cheaper way by buy a hpi B5 roller but figured it was temp and I can always rebuild. How can I help sorry for too much info. The answer to your ??? was yes. So YES I let you know.
Hi Guys,
I have a basic question about the FG Sportline sedans. Is there a US dealer? Where can the replacements parts be purchased? It looks like Molzer Mowery doesn't sell the cars (or at least they are out of stock on them all). Maybe I'm not looking in the right places...
Is there any organized racing in the US for this class? I'm in the Cincy OH area and a few years ago they held a big race at a local track with the 1/5 scale. It was super impressive. Never saw any more races after that. Thanks for any responses!
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