ST rims

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Chop Suey

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Ontario, Canada
Anyone know the exact OD of stadium wheel, please post the measurement for me.
I'm looking for ABS pipe to fit it for driftingggggggggggg... lol
Ok, may be not now, but once I got enough practice with the micro in my basement, then perhap.
Wrap the tires in electrical tape. Works good if you wrap it well and thick.

Uses about three rolls for a set of four tires. Get the cheap stuff for $.35 roll.

It can easily be removed if you decide you hate it.
Exact OD FG ST

:scooter: Hi Chop Suey, I have the Beadlock ST ones. The OD is 4.500 in's. That is the largest one & then there is the one where the bead of the tire is & it is around 4.250. Hope that help's. FGSTBeadlock.jpg
Same OD Yes, Width & Offset No

:scooter: HI cyclops1970. I am sure that they are the same OD but not as wide + the You are right about the offset is different! This 1st Pic. is not right :no: Rims.jpg FG ST FG-ST.jpg FG MT5 FGMT5.jpg
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Thanks Scooter.
I guess I just want to know the OD of the standard plastic rim as that's what I have in mind to use for drifting. Hopefully it will be a standard even imperial size such as 4" or 4.5".
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