Steel 48t Spur Gear

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I just got what I thought was an amazing deal on Ebay, a 48t steel spur gear with the aluminum gear carrier for 29 bucks with free shipping. It only appeared to be slightly used, no worn out teeth or anything.

Anyway, is it a big deal to use the steel pinion and steel spur gear together on the FHMT? Any advantages to not doing this?

Just wondering, I put it on the truck tonight to see how well it meshed, it meshes perfect.
Is the gear made specifically for the Firehammer MT? (Or the Carson version)

Else if it is made for an FG, you need to experiment a bit, to find the right pinion to get the correct gear mesh, or replace the gear plate and the engine mounts for the FG ones.
It's an FG spur, but the FG spur is the same as the clone 48t spur. The difference between the FG and clones is the pinion gear.

I'm just wondering if the metal to metal is good to do or if one of the gears should remain plastic.
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