steel carrier?

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i just bought the cat 5 upgrade spur and pinion gears and I wanted to get the steel carrier that raest behind. where woudl i go to find this and which one will fit the smartech big foot i have? any help woudl be greatly appreciated!

thank you.

these are the upgrades I have done, jetpro pipe, steel gears, aluminum front knuckles, any other suggestions.

Also what is the FG diff part 3 that will fit on the bigfoot// 8485 something..

Thank you!
thank you, I already have the pinion and spur, what is the plate that goes on behind there that holds up the shaft for the pinion and spur? i a m not sure which one to get or where to get it.

Thank you!
Check out for the instruction book to the Firehammer MT and/or check out to order the parts.
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