Steel spur question/opinion

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Does anyone use either of these steel spur gear set ups?I know about the plastic one being the weak link but I like the steel spurs!I alredy have the allot gear carrier that fits the stock plastic,but I've seen these other ones.
Any opinions?
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I use the FG upgrade gears with the CNR carrier for my MT:
FG6431 - Pinion - $18.20
CNR6050ST - Alloy gear adapter - $20.00
FG6048 - 48T Gearwheel - $30.68

Set up is very similar to the second photo.


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I have the 6431 pinion with a plastic spur.I had to use a spacer behind the pinion when I changed from the 18 tooth.Mine looks like the first pic,but in order to get everything back on and use the E clips on the end of the shafts,now the two gears don't line up right and I don't mean the mesh,in and out is off??Did you have to use a spacer on your pinion?In also see you don't run the E clips on your shafts??:)
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