steering servo for baja?

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i waz out running last nite and the steering was very poor. then i shut off the engine and when i turnd the weel it made like a grinding noise. the servo had a metal gear upgrade. what do you think happend? and how much would this cost to repair?:(:helpsmilie:
maybe the servo horn stripped or the bolt holding it one got loose.

the drive gear is still plastic (hate that part myself) so it may of stripped out.

hopefully it isnt nothing major. if you did strip the drive gear, get a new one, and loosen up your servo saver just a tad.
nvm i just found another great servo and ill just buy it insted. it'll save me a headache... lol
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if you mean the 805BB, choose another servo, they decapitate themselves pretty easily in the baja. the drive gear will snap off if you hit the front wheels a bit to hard on something.
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