Steering servo

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sorry more questions!!!

found this servo at my local modelshop seems a bargine 24.7kg at 6v

sounds ausome but will it be enough for the monster? or will i need 2 ?

HiTec HS805BB
The HiTec HS805BB is one monster of a servo, using a heavy duty nylon gear train and a heavy duty 10mm 15 tooth output shaft. The HS805BB develops enough torque to move just about anything, be it a big plane, boat, or Car. Whatever it may be the HS-805BB can move it and move it fast.


Torque = 4.8v / 6.0v - 19.8 / 24.7 kg
Speed = 4.8v / 6.0v - 0.19 / 0.14 secs
Size = 66 x 30 x 58 mm
Weight = 152g

Price: £29.99
( Including VAT at 17.5% )

It's a good servo used by many (I think its the most commonly used) but it has plastic gears and can fail with big jolts, but its also cheap when talking 1/4 scale servos. Buy two and you have a spare.:cool2:
Also I think I heard its a bit larger then some and many different plates will need to be modified or adapted for use.
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