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How do I adjust steering trim on my rovan baja?
Hey There ,,first remove the Servo horn from your steering servo.
(I'm not familiar with your radio ) but now
Turn on Radio and turn or push your small Adjusters on the radio to centre.
That will bring your servo to zero ,,now replace your Servo horn back on the servo and see how your wheels look .
If they are straight then your good to go and you have adjustments on radio to fine tune left or right...
Keep working at learning your radio and buggy ,,even read the manual if you have one or Google the Rovan manual..
It will all come to you oneday..👍


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It can be as simple as described above to find the servo center. If you do not have the manual for your transmitter, you may be able to look up the model number online and see if you can find a user manual.

Other than using the steering trim (and end points if your radio is so equipped) there are some minor adjustments that can be made on the vehicle.
I wrote too much, oh well. I am expecting to get bashed after hitting the post button. If you search the internet on tips of suspension tuning and related subjects, you will get more out of reading that than what I have provided.

The steering tie rods can be adjusted on left or right side. Once you believe it seems to be in order try it out with the radio and receiver turned on and see if the steering returns to the center point. Run the car and see if it drifts to one side.

If you have any drifting while running the car that can be many things making the assumption it is not related to the surface you are running on:
  • One of the bearings in front hubs may be resisting rotation. Try spinning the one of the font wheels and observe its rotation. Then compare it to the other side. If they seem to take the same time to slow down and come to a stop, it is not the bearings. However, if one takes 15 seconds and the other rotates for 45 seconds, it may be a bearing, or the axle assembly is too tight (this can be the case for the clipless axles)
  • It could be unbalance in the shock spring load. Rear end or front end. Why the rear, the rear has a toe angle so this may place a bias on the car to drift in one direction under acceleration. There may be more to it than just that. That could also include one of the rear bearings in the axle hubs or even inside the transmission on the output hubs mounted to the differential.
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