Still having bottom end issues.

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I ran 2 more tanks today and dedicated one tank to tuning and learning to tune this gasser. I went the full distance with both the HSN and the LSN just to get a feel for them. Using 1/16th turns all along the way.

Its running like a top with the exception of the extreme low end. On thin 1 inch grass on top of hard packed yet moist dirt (Public Soccer field) It wont brake traction from a dead stop. Its not bogging down, it just takes its time spooling up. If Im on power going slow, it will leave a rooster tail on acceleration, no problem.

Im running a stock Baja motor with a gutted stock can. Coleman fuel 32:1 redline. Aprox. 5 tanks into her at this point.

Could this possibly be a clutch issue.
maybe slipping some. but you still running stock ungutted un stingered can? or something different?
Well Eddy mine is all stock ( well in pieces now since the shock breakage ) and I removed the stinger thing and my bottom end is almost too much . Once it warms up I mean . It moves forward about a foot and breaks loose . doesn't seem to matter what Im driving on either . Once I get it back together Ill see if I can get another vid with out me braking something .
i thought you did, but was being to lazy to scroll and re read

when i had the gutted can and a 1/2 copper stinger on it, i was tearing pretty good with the stocker. maybe check your not a bit too rich/lean on the low end. do a low speed run for about 15 seconds at kill the motor and check the plug color. if is pretty dark still, you can lean it up a touch yet. if its getting pretty light tan, then richen it some.

watch for heatsoaking as a fyi. after the motor is warmed up pretty good, if it starts gettign doggy on the low, is an idication of being a bit lean on the low end needles. giver a 1/4 turn rich and reset the low, not going as lean as it was. if it looks good, maybe a medium brown/dark tan, then your tuning is good.
And pick up a 7500RPM clutch spring it makes a world of differance on the hole shot.Even with the stock can gutted it should do the trick.
I never thought to look at the plug to see whats going on there. Sitting on the bench, I just checked it out and its a dark carbon grey color. Not quite black but not even close to tan. Again, this is on the bench and not in the field under running conditions. It was dry with no buildup.

I do understand the need for a better pipe or can its just not in the cards this month. Im still trying to recover from the purchase of the 5B and racing season for 10th is just getting ready to start up. I need to build up the hobby fund for a while.

I may try new a spring. Over all Im totally stoked about the performance of the unit it just keeps getting stronger and stronger with every tank. Im just looking for (As Timmahh would say) some "Rip Snorting action" on the bottom end.

Thanks for all the input. Its a lot of food for thought and some homework to be done.
ya, you toss in ddm 7500 rpm or hpi 8000 rpm spring and you ll pass that bit of bog if thats all it is. but after a 15 second run at any given rpm, if you can cut the motor really quickly after the run ( which is easier on slow runs obviously ), then pull the plug and the color will tell you much about how the motor is running at that rpm. keep shooting for the med brown darker tan color. being you say its currently black, id say your prolly a tad rich on the low still. i want to say in my stocker with the Xcan i was just over 1 turn out on l and about 1.35 out on H. the stock gutted muffler should be close.

a decent and cheapy ug is the 813 accelorator pump carby. not to bad at 63.00. i may grab one at some point for mine, but i really don't see the need for it with my current setup. though you may with yours.
Im at almost the exact HSN setting as you and 1.25 on the LSN. Ill play with the bottom a bit more. Im going to use what I have right now. No upgrades on the engine for a while. I will get a spring or two to play with.
The spings are pretty cheap for what you get in return.I think you will like it.It really does help with that bottom end alot and for $14 its cheap.
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