Stolen 4x4 Baja Prototype!!!

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Newark, CA
Moderators: can you sticky this for a little while and maybe put something up on the front page?

So we were keeping this under wraps hoping that someone would show up on the forums looking for help. There hasn't been any activity so I will go ahead and post it. A couple of weeks ago on February 24th (Sunday) there was a large group of us bashing at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA. Around 3:00 PM someone walked into our work area and stole my 4x4 prototype baja. The car that they drove off in didn't have any plates and the witnesses were not able to get a good look at the person. At the time of the theft the baja was missing a custom telescopic rear drive-shaft and the front wheel was loose. Essentially the car was in a non-drivable condition. Who ever stole it, or by now has bought it, will not be able to get parts for it and will probably go looking for help. I expect that this car will either be parted out or sold at a pawn shop, hobby shop, on ebay or through craigslist. We have been keeping an eye on these venues but nothing has popped up. The vehicle has an estimated value of $10,000 including an $1100 custom blue TS motor. If you guys hear or see anything or someone trying to sell parts that look like they might have come from this car please let me know.










It looks like it will probably be covered but I have to figure out "cost of replacement" obviously they will not pay for my time and efforts. And I would still like to catch what ever douche comes looking for help with this thing. Even if they bought it off someone it's stolen property. And because the value of the car it gets bumped up to grand theft which is a felony in most states.
And I would still like to catch what ever douche comes looking for help with this thing.

I'm 100% with you! What a dumb move which goes to show how stupid and naive they are to the 1/5 scale hobby to think about stealing a one of a kind - Damn art theives.... There is no way they can sell it without it showing up somewhere...
I cant beleive I'm reading this. What a prick. Not sure how much help I can be over here but I will keep my eyes opened for you Brice.
what a nob jockey i was looking at that this week on the web put the link my self on our forum here its realy bad shxt that its gone was looking forward to seeing that in production but thats not going to happen now the only thing i can sugest is keep an i on these china sites:glare: because they would also like to breack the market with the first hpi clone 4wd :nono:

realy sorry to here it but please be positive you never no what could happen
with the value on that u shulda put gps on that thing, i hope you find it or get reimbursed, i know ur pissed but did you make your shel out of carbon fiber cause im trying to do that in a couple of weeks?
gutted this world sucks somepeople think they can just walk up and just take things and that makes it theres all that hard work planning that went into that what a shame i hope it turns up so you can finish it but its probaly been porned and turned into crack money thiveing scum need there fingers broken or hands cut off
man that thing IS SWEEEEEETTTT! I had a savage xl ripped,i know the feeling..i got to the point were i just wanted to get ahold of the scumbag that did it...I wasn't even thinking of the Shame this is what the world is coming to my friend.
im thinking of get some sort of security on mine now there used to be something called microdot its a kit that has loads of tiny barley visable dots you glue on every part of car them if stollen its all marked and coded you cant see it but can prove it was yours will try and find it and put a link up
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