Strengthing The Mcd Monster Truck?

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mcd Monster

What parts are available to strengthen the MCD monster truck. Are better a-arms available or steel gears? I find I break alot! I need tom make this truck reliable, was it not ment to jump? Even over moderate jumps it nose dives and breaks. Do I need the aluminum steering limiter blocks? with these blocks in my truck seems to take 10 feet to make a turn. I haven stripped the open gears twice and the front diff and I have hardly run it. Are there any other body choices other than the stock body? How do you get rtravel out of the short shocks it seems like the shocks are very limited in travel. Is anyone else jumping and really running this truck? I usually last 10 -20 minutes before breaking and watching the 5B cars run all day.I want that reliability
Not made to jump, its just 2 heavy. Mine is very reliable, i have used it quite a bit as of late. I bought a 5b to race and jump, and keep the MCD for bashing, hill climbs, pulling FGs around, and for the basic WOW factory, because the MCD is pretty impressive.
MCD's are not known for being un-reliable. Mine has been the total opposite. But I also have a Baja1000. The Monster trucks are treated a bit more rough it seems. Steel gears for that problem & if your going to jump at all, make sure you land on the tires. This alone can keep the breakage way down.
Are you guys running groomed tracks or back yard bashing. I would not consider my running bashing but the jumps are definately going to be out. Is there a long travel kit avaiable for the suspension? I think if I had more travel I would not sink down and get stuck in the soft dirt so often. It seems like I will be 4x4ing around and when I get a wheel off the ground the truck spins down and gets stuck. I think it is wieght combined with low speed combined with limited suspension travel that causes this. I went into a small smooth dip about 2 feet deep and as soon as a wheel lost contact the truck spun itself into the soils and was stuck. My E-maxx walks through this terrain every time no matter what aproach. It could be the tires as well. Do you guys run air or no air in the tires? Do you have the aluminum limiters in or out on your steering. I have taken them off but since I have had problems with the front diff stripping ( I think due to stress from the sharp turning)
As i said in the last post. Don't compare the MCD to the emaxx, Savage, 5b, tmaxx, Losi, or anything. U can't compare, it weighs a TON. ITs not a Jumper. DUMP IT and buy a 5b or a Savage or another emaxx.

You keep asking questions that we have told you the answers to, its not a jumper, and i have no problams climbing good hills. the 5b is very light, and is a sand rail, its made to jump, and climb. Look at engine placement, the 5b is back much father than the mcd, the mcd is 4x4, the weight is HUGE. The 5b is faster, lighter, does wheelies, and so on.
Bottom line, the MCD is not a jumper!!!!! Its a basher, i bash mine all the time, no track, i use mine on grass, dirt, sand pit, rocky yard, and in the clay (makes great mudder).
Thanks for the input. I never thought about the mud, it probably will do wonders in the mud. I like variety and I will keep the MCD truck around and either wait for better parts or try and keep it on the ground.
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