Stuffed crankshaft


Bajastafarian Madnes
PLUS member
this is a pic of a 2mm non stuffed crank at DDM

this is the same unit stuffed

you can see the red areas on the stuffed unit, first the crank has 2 holes drilled thru and then filled with a resin as well as the "notches" that are by the conrod in the pics. drilling the additional holes removes more wieght from the stock flywheel, then the resin is added back in which make the whole crank Larger inside the case, which makes the open Volume of the case smaller ( larger crank and shaft take up more room inside the case).

a smaller internal case volume and you ll end up with a bit faster spool up and a bit more top RPMs. its not a very noticable thing, but it does make a differance.
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