Subaru Impreza WRC Body

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I have found a Subaru Impreza WRC Body (2003 body style) That will fit regular On Road Chassis (Not Wide FG) such as FG Competition, Sportsline, Bergonzoni, Harm, Lauterbacher and MCD. I will post a pic once I have cleaned it up so you all that are interested can see the non painted body. I have to note the body is from Europe.
I have 535mm impreza.It was on my FG sportsline.
Here is one picture I have.

PS. Not a regular subaru color :D
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Its not FG body. I got it form a friend,it was black so I removed paint and painted it in this pearl orange. I will check with him tomorrow where he get it from. I know its not FG or MCD.
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