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Is there anyone out there that knows, or has experience with Submarines ?? I've looked at a couple, but they only can dive 2-3 feet, I want to go down to 10 feet or so, at least to the botoom of my pool.. he he.
not sure Bill. Try this guy.

his name is Tim also, and hes from Mi too. he does molds. my hydro i have posted here is one of his. he has a sub mold listed on his site, and i think he does rtr.
not sure on the depths, but if the skeleton is properly built right, and its sealed, then it should be good.

Maybe its a RF issue, where we don't have access to the frequency to get deeper with the radio signal.
Thanks Tim, This is what I was looking for, something big and impressive. almost too big for pool, I already have a hard time turning the shockwave in the pool, and its 55", not to mention in the van its bow is in the 2nd row seats, I can just see the wife's face when I tell her an 80" needs to sit from back to front when we go on trips... ha ha... sorry kids, no friends, daddy's sub takes priority !!! he he :)
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