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S.E Michigan
Anybody catch the race this weekend I missed it didnt get to see who won??I hope stewie lost I cant stand that dude.I guess I just want to know if Reed did alright.
But you forgot to mention that REEDY took a swing at James!! Funny stuff! I wish he'd just beat his ass & be done with it!! Can't stand Stewie!!
Thats what I wana see somebody kick his ass.His theory is if ya cant pass them hit them well somebody or acually everybody should put a bullseye on that di@k and just start taking him out .
Im going to have to catch the replay this week.Cant beleave Reedy took a swing that must of been great to see.
They were argueing next to RC after the race, RC was kinda just sittin there like, WTF?? Those two were gettin after it & JS went to pull away & Reedy kinda slapped at him, knocked him on the shoulder. Funny stuff! I wish they'd quit messin around & Reedy just clock that ass!! I can't stand JS either! Incase you haven't noticed.
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