svm question


hey guys i have a question for you all..i am selling my firehammer and i am looking to go onroad..i have a guy offer to trade me a svm columbia....i am new to onroad so i need your help..are they good cars? what do i look for? are they still being made? i hear they are no longer hard are parts to come by? any help would be greatly appreciated if you look on the other rc sale site you will see my ad and his....lmk..thanks....ken
wow exspensive...just like you said not worth it if i can't get parts to fix it..thanks for your help...i guess i have a descision to make
yea the columbia was SVMs flagship onroad car i think, before the closed the doors up.

No Moa here has a Bergonzoni you may be interested in. Very nice cars, parts are available, though in some cases you need to order outside the us as there isnt a us distributor, but there are us distributors for Raco Europe, which carries all Berg parts!.

Welcome here.
make the firehammer a street truck,get some slicks and have some fun...........

I agree to that. All you need is gears springs and tiers. If you like it then go for a on road cares. Most on road cares have the same chassis as the of road I think.
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