T3 Mamba?

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The T3 Offroad is a great buggy and built very well,the thing is,nobody that I know of has promoted this line the right way.
Before we stepped in and started selling these,we did our homework on them.
We were extremely happy with it's performance and build.
The part support is amazing and quality really speaks for itself.
We have had afew in stock and the few we sold,they were suprised nobody really knew much about them in the states.
They have been successfull with us at FG Universe and for the money,there is nothing you can get on the market like this..

The company also makes an entire line of FG alloy hop ups and the quality is perfect and price is about 20% less then elcon and others.

We have most parts instock,some stuff may not as of yet made the site.

Wow, that is a real top end buggy. Are there any other carb filters that work with that set up other then the K&N? What about pipe options. And how does the stock pipe exit? I take it they dropped the motor to make the buggy more stable and balanced? Bla, bla, bla ya, I know rambling.:blush:
Yes there are many different filters that will fit,but it comes as you see it.

Samba offroad tuned pipe,rear dual disc brakes,HP filter,just need electronics and your off!

The pipe is really nice sounding!
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