Tayler or ALX?


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Ya, DHL wanted money for duty/customs and after I paid it they gave the package to some third party courier and it hasn’t been seen since
I’ll give it another week then I’ll be calling and raising some hell with DHL


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To post pics do I need to use one of them picture hosting sites?
I’ve never been able to put pics up on forums cause I don’t use those sites
I do have a few questions to those who have installed this kit
1, are the supplied stainless button head bolts ok to use for the header bolts?
I’ve never had good luck with stainless bolts and button head bolts have way less meat on them then cap bolts do
Just not sure if I should swap those out to steel studs or better bolts
I don’t want those stainless ones to sieze up and strip the heads off
2, I see the header hits the front windshield cross brace and the pipe is close to the rear bed bar and upper rear cab bar
Any issues with these melting?
I’m pretty sure the front bar that is actually rubbing is going to melt
3, the rear pipe bracket and rubber dampener. When installing the pipe the pipe bracket on the pipe seems like it’s too far forward. The rubber dampener has to be forced forwards in order to attach to the pipe
I got it to attach but there is some strain on the rubber dampener as it’s trying to force the pipe back if that makes any sense
The bracket on the pipe should have been about a cm or so more to the rear
Also I wonder why Tayler didn’t make the chassis pipe bracket taller and use the factory rubber dampener
This would have made more room for the fuel tank to be lifted up to clear the air filter
It went together pretty well otherwise
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