Technokit parts?

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I have read several threads saying that the parts are only available outside the US. Can anyone recommend a company that has parts and is reputable?

Does anyone know what parts are interchangeable from other manufacturers that may be easier to locate? Right now Im in need of diff parts for a Technokit EXS GTS.

Im still a noob at 5th scale on-road and am trying hard to get my supply lines and compatibility's squared away.

What are you looking for??? I have 2 TKT's, an E and an EL... My EL is currently disassembled as it is my parts car...

I haven't seen the (newer) EXS GTS up close, just from pictures...
Im still new to this and am trying to figure out what model this really is.
Its got a lot of alloy but is an older car. Much of it looks like the Sportline with the solid upper deck but there isnt a lot of plastic on it. The only plastic is the rear wing mount assembly but when I look at the newer EXS, its just not the same.

Info is hard to find on any kits much less the older ones.

Right now im in the process of rebuilding it. Im starting from the front and working my way to the back. I was told when I got it that it needs diff work. I haven't opened it up yet to look but an trying to find supply lines for stuff I will be needing.

Ill post some pics later in the day and maybe you can help me out trying to identify what it is and to guide me to some parts.

Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.
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