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Hi guy's i am getting tempted to get myself an fg baja.I have been looking at vids on youtube and they look prity impressive.I already own an hpi baja that i have hopped up quite a bit and wont be selling it.Now my main question is,is it worth me getting the fg if i already have the hpi?Thanks for any advice.
FG-MT, HPI-BH, DTX-FH here and all have there special feats to be accomplished when I go out. Having more then one brand is interesting in finding they all have their weak and strong points and all can do something a little better and worse in performance then the other. Have to say the biggest difference is between the trucks and the buggies.
Happy here!:)
I'd say get it for sure, those FG bajas are insanely fast with a jetpro pipe and the stock 26 zen engine, a bloke that used to bash with us had one and he had to up the gearing from 18 X 46 to 20 X 44 to stop it wheelying off the line.... so then with the taller gears it would come on the pipe at about 40 - 50 km/hr and break into a mad wheelstand then, totally insane.
Thanks guy's i will have to try and find a good deal over here in the uk.My LHS is a conman and very expensive.My only concern is that i will neglect my hpi baja wich i have invested loads of money into:blink:
I would have to say the HPI Baja is the best pic IMHO. The FG baja is neat, but its nothing compared to the HPI Baja (hi end) or even the KM clone (Low end $ , Ya ya no flaming)
I'm torn between a HPI baja or a FG baja artr, My mate has the FG baja and it is very nice but the HPI just sits so low and turns so tight, not sure the FG wouldn't turn over I know my Carson rolls if I go to quick in a turn which can be annoying. The other thing with the HPI baja is all the hop ups out there.
I would have to say the HPI Baja is the best pic IMHO. The FG baja is neat, but its nothing compared to the HPI Baja (hi end) or even the KM clone (Low end $ , Ya ya no flaming)

Don't be fooled , I own an FG baja with 28.5 oneill with bolt on reed and jetpro, 2 speed 46/18 and 42/ 22 quick isn't the word. When it came out the box with standard zen 260 and the jetpro it'd wheelie OK now I can get the front wheels up just squirting the throttle and it lifts them changing into 2nd.
Handles awesome compared to the firehammer/marder hybrid I had and jumps real well too.
I just put KPD hydro Mk 3's on the front to help it turn in better.
Buy one of these and you'll love it. Better tire choice and aftermarket stuff for the fg, I'm after monster slicks for the rear and truck rears for the front for some tarmac fun and top speed runs.

Our local track opens on the 6th April (mid vancouver Island) and everyone has the hpi..I'm the only fg baja so we'll see then what's what. I'll post vid on utube so we can all see.:eek:
I would say, just do the research. Look into all our forums here, and look at the specs for each vehicle. Everyone will have good and bad to say about either chassis. I have had my Marder for about 13 years now, so I can attest to it lasting and not being a pain to work on. Also FG has been around a lot longer than HPI. I have had Raco and Yankee cars , and of all I still have my FG. Sure whatever you buy will have some maintenance, but wrenching is part of the fun! So just look around, figure out what you want to do, bash, race, both, whatever, and go with what you would like and can afford to maintain (parts, Hop Ups, etc).

You'll be fine, no matter what buggy you drive.
I recently bought a FG baja, and the thing is awesome. I got a good deal on it from a local hobby store that was going out of buisness. The store was unloading all of its stock so I also bought a bunch of hop ups, including hydraulic brakes a jetpro pipe, alloy shocks and the wheelie bar set (which you will need). The car is very quick, pulls wheelies, and turns sharply but does not flip. I have been running it off road with the stock tires, and running it on road with stadium truck tires, and I have not flipped once. I also have a an HPI baja 5b that I have a lot of hop ups on (ramtek discs, a zenoah 26, etc). I like both cars, but there is enough of a difference between the driving characteristics to warrant owning both. If you get the FG Baja you will not be disapointed.
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I got it from a local guy here in New York (he is gone now, to bad he was the best around here). I got it for $1000. The best deals were on the parts. I got the Hydraulic brakes for $250 (other local places and the internet had them for between $360 and $400), the shocks were about $20 each, the wheelie bar for $55. I also picked up the alloy spur gear holder and metal gear, an extra set of diff gears and the housing, and the break bleed kit. I am kicking myself for not buying the other brake set he had and the alloy arms. My brother beat me to the punch on the alloy shock towers, but I got the stadium truck tires and rims...... He did have a FG formula 1 car that was pretty tricked out but I didn't even try getting that passed the wife. I couldn't be happier with the way it runs. I haven't run it against my 5b, but it seems quicker off the line. FG makes a great product.
I took a look at that site, it is pretty cool. Looks like you have better prices for the FG stuff than we do over here (probably because the dollar sucks right now). I was surprised how expensive the Baja 5b SS is. Here they are much cheaper than the FG's. Thanks for the info on the site.
By the way, have you done much in the way of hop ups on your FG baja? And how do you like it? I have been looking at all of the diff and clutch options, and I am wondering what I should do next.
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