The Boat Blues

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Matty D

The Boat Blues


This thread is for Recon. I have tried to figure out a way to be as polite as I can. So here goes.
First off, I would like to be paid for my Boat. You have repeatedly been dishonest with me, and claimed you sent that large amount of cash in the regular mail. Uninsured, no sig required, and no del. confirmation. I would have to believe that to be untrue as it has been several days and no money. Then when you finally answered one of my many calls, you informed me a storm had knocked out the power so thats why I couldnt reach you. Then you were going to wire the money directly to my bank. You must have not had the time while you were shooting video of my boat that you received before payment. I kept my word and sent that to you , trusting you would send the payment overnight. That was also untrue. Then you blamed it on your wife. Today you said you were going to the bank to wire the money again, and once again, no transfer and you wont accept my calls. You gave me a cell number which wont accept incoming calls as well.
What are you going to do Recon!! Did you seriously think I would just forget and give you a boat for free. What you have done is dishonest, illegal, and you will pay me for this boat. One way or another. You bring up your service to your country in several threads. I can guarantee you the true soldiers I have met in my life are men of their word, and do not take from a mans family, which you have done to mine. This money was for a vacation for my family, and payment for a couple forum members on here. Would you like to explain to RC Killer , Turtle, General 40, and others including my 6yr old son, why I am struggling to get them taken care of ,and take him on a trip. When are you going to take care of this and be a man of your word?? I gave you the option of sending a baja as payment. A used baja no less, and you wouldnt take the offer. Now there are no more offers. My wife has been in contact with the authorities in Eustis, and they will be in contact with you as well. I have written this thread in hopes you will become honest but I have extreme doubts that will happen. At least the other members of the forum will see just how dishonest you are. I would like to see a response but I doubt you have the "intestinal fortitude" to do that. Any members who would like to voice an opinion are more than welcome.

(Ripped off) Matty
And evidently I am not the only one. He is doing the same thing to another member that sent him a boat. 3 weeks for him no payment as well.

Waiting for a response from Recon.....
Step up and be a man.

make that 3 other members now. My Recon, you have been a busy boy lately. How about sending the 1400.00 you owe me, the 300.00 you owe adamtrax, and the 30.00 you owe Bird of Prey??


Make that 6 total members of our forum that have been taken by Recon8541 aka Mike Williams
Eustis Florida......
A little over 2000.00 worth of items have been sent to this guy, and no payment on any of them.

Waiting for a response Recon.....

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