The Dominator is fitted

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:eek:mg: I now have a screaming wild beast under the body of my Carson CRT in the form of a dominator torque pipe.




In this shoot you can just see the xtra drill hole I needed to make for it to fit, no big deal really.


Now I just need to get out and run the beast ragged :celebrate:
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I'm not sure maybe cause the pipe spans many vehicles I guess. I knew I would need to do this mod when buying so was prepared for it have done some research.
I have the same pipe on my FH/Bigfoot and it makes an amazing difference. I have a new 29cc engine in it as well and the combination was a massiv improvement over the stock 23cc.
Looks great Gunner! I had to drill mine as well.

I have a 28.5 ready to go into my Firehammer MT. What was the difference like? I have the top end DDM pipe for my FHMT.
You will love it CSP. The difference is huge. The torque pipe gives the power band more mid-range than low for me....not sure why????, but my FH with the 29cc engine will pull wheelies at take off and mid range, which really impresses my 7 and 5 year old boys. Make sure you get a wheelie bar for it, or they are easy enough to make...must be I made mine!:lol: You will honestly need the wheelie bar, or you will ruin your pipe pretty quick.

I am sure you will love the larger engine. I will get some vids of mine up with the torque pipe, and would love to see some of yours with the top-end pipe if you can. I kinda wished I had went the top-end pipe...but that's life, and now I am very happy with it.
I have attached a few pics of my Dominator pipe. Had to widen the hole like you guys. Put a washer on it the hold the bolt in place. Man those bolts work loose easily!

My home-made wheelie bar. Works VERY well, and cheap!


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bigtoys that's a neat idea for a wheelie bar, skate truck turned over I like that and will need to investigate the options now I have the dominator.

look forward to some video
bigtoys did the skate truck fit straight on or did you have to fabricate something ? my kids have an old board with some trucks on but the fitting is too wide so if i'm to use these i'll need to make something up. worth thinking about tho.

If you have some close up pics that would be gr8t
I will take some close-up pics for you guys. I bolted the truck onto a flat piece of steel, then bolted it to the rear lower arms. I did this because I wasn't keen to drill holes into my chassis. It is STRONG and works well, with no flex at all. I will take the pics when I get back from work and post them up for you.
Sorry for the delay Gunner, I have been flat out with work. Here are some closer pics of the "wheelie bar". I hope they show how I did it a bit clearer for you. There is a thread on here somewhere on people that have made their own...this way seemed the easiest way for me to do it, and it works GREAT! I originally tried a plastic skateboard truck, but there was way too much flex. MonstaRabbit (another member here...go the BUNNIES in 08!!!!!) pinched one off his sons skateboard for me and the results are awesome. Alloy is the way to go.

I agree with BTB, a the high RPM clutch spring is a must. Makes the car rip from take-off.


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The one thing i found in my wheelie bar investigation was that it is a must to some how get the top of the wheelie bar secured to the frame part of butted up to it unless it has some type of release, if not it will cause stress on the back of the chassis and slightly bend the rear up. i think you could fabricate up a couple things to fasten to the back of the chock support and be good to go with the truck idea.:)
Good find....

you will see in the wheelie bar area that I needed to reinstall a metal bar on the rear of the MT to stop the wheelie bar from bending the rear cause it also is just fastened int he rear.

hope you don't mind I added your invention.
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ok here's what I have cobbled together



it's very much work in progress :)

yet to fit it to the truck but it should be ok time will tell
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