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Ypsilanti Michigan U.S.
I am thinking about converting my M/T to a buggy, I am not overly happy with the performance aspect of the M/t. I love the burn-outs the M/T will do, but of all the videos I see, of the marders, hook and go! Whereas, my M/T just does a bunch of tire spinning and roll-overs. :2guns: I want the handling that a lower center of gravity can do for me. Wheelies are great for showing off, but I am tired of getting whipped, at the track, buy 1/8 scale buggies and Savages! :nono:

I am going to ditch the side plates, M/T tires and body. I will keep the 8 shock setup though. :cool2:

I will replace the M/T tires with the Marder tires and wheels, Then replace the body and mounts with a buggy body and wing. Gearing will be changed to the 20 tooth and 44 (I think that is the ratio)

I plan to keep all the M/T parts, so if I choose to use them later to convert back to the M/T I won't have to buy new parts.

What do you guys think? Am I smoking crack? Anything I should look out for? I believe the chassis' are the same, am I correct in this? :helpsmilie:


I don't know anything about the FG Marder, but I'd be interested in seeing your build along the way. Might make for some good viewing...

Good luck.

You should try getting the tires 1st and try that out, I have seen some on ebay. Try searching for both FG and Firehammer. The FireHammer is a clone of the Marder and it flips quite often too. The buggy tires will grip much more then the MT. :)
Is the MT the only one you have so far?
I could get a snap shot of my MT with the FH tire on if you like?
We are waiting on the Monster Hummer, should be here tomorrow!! The Hummer is for the little lady.

Any idea how the M/T runs/handles with the buggy tires? I would imagine it would have so much low end, it's has to be about gut wrenching!!!

You could post a pic. if you would like to, curious as see what it would look like.

Ya, well you did the same thing - Na na na - just not as brown as I did. J/K :clown: Wish I could of known then what I know now about painting. Also wish I could buy some patience and upgrade that part of my brain.:)
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