Tire mounting


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So when I bought my 5B I had ordered a set of rear tires (Duratrax Sixpack) . They looked more aggressive than the tires that come on the buggy. Next after messing with the buggy a bit tightening screws I saw that the threads on the plastic wheels weren't going to last long if I have to retighten them very often. So I picked up a set of aluminum rims for the rear to mount the tires to so that I can swap them.

I watched a bunch of videos & did some reading on how to mount the tires on the rims. Everything I saw or read made it sound like this was going to be a real pain in the ass. This wasn't bad at all and took me about 15 mins a wheel . the biggest hassle is duck taping the foam because it doesn't like to stick . Was there suppose to be more drama to this or did I get lucky. Everything just dropped into the notches and went together.



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Duratrax tires aren't that bad to mount. The rubber is pretty soft unlike Hostile tires. Good luck with the Duratrax tires. They won't take much sidewall damage before they fail.