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Surrey, BC, Canada
I saw an add on rcu that had a Marder with ribbed front tires on fg rims. I wrote the seller to ask what the front tires were from and he said they were made by fg, but I wrote advance hobbies and they said fg doesn't sell a ribbed tire. I have looked all over different sites but haven't found any. I'd really like to put ribbed tires on front. does anyone know what tires would work?
definately off road tires. I'll look and see if the buggy is still for sale. they are just like you'd see on the front of any electric 1/10 buggy, steering tires. I wonder if the traxxas mb front tires will fit the fg rims?

I can see the fg tires if you had 4wd, but with a ribbed tire you'd have more steering control.
those tires and other tires options will be avialable in the US soon, we are currently working on agreements with the companies that make them. There will also be some other rims available too.
cool, I have been looking over your site. any idea on a timeframe?

I looked on rcu and didn't see the add. the seller was in Australia. oh well. I have no tires or wheels at the moment so started looking at options. any other ideas?
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