Titan SD 1/4 Scale

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My current project:

1/4 Scale 4wd, 4 wheels independent suspension. Based on Hummer H1 dimensions: 49.5in long, 28in wide (with 4in wheels mounted), looking for under 20" height, 4.8" ground clearance. I'm in the process of designing a 3spd w/reverse manual tranny. So far so good. My other current headache is brakes. I would like to use 4 go-cart based brakes on each wheel. The design is simple, make a thick disk, and then a round strap that can be pulled tight around the disk.
Anyone know what material I could use on the strap to act as a pad?
So far into my 6th year of work on it. Yup 6. This is revision 2, of the third design, so......5 times this thing has been reworked. But now I have it, and it's moving along, especially since I was introduced to Solidworks at work.

Anyway, ask questions, make comments......be nice......

Yeah, thats what my company does, we make machine frames, and well, anything actually. But my boss said hey...we have it, why not use that.......so I did. I liked the idea that I can adjust any of the parts simply by sliding them into place.
My estimate is 65-70lbs. I don't really care if it hits 75, but more than that and I am risking the actual usage, have to be able to move around myself. And, getting it in my tiny car to get it home, let alone anywhere else, is another issue.
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