TLR 5b basher


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Have you run through all the gearing before Doug? I just went real heavy on the diff fluid and getting a tadd too tail happy. I'm thinking I may be able to tame it a little by going up in gearing? Running 19t now w/ a stock 32cc think I should try 20t or jump to 21t?


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21 /58 is the sweet spot 👌
Yeah prob cause it's running leaner. Your tuning it normally at like 260deg or less. Heat damage would show bluing on the con rod just ask Rep lol. Rep or Sean could prob help more with what to look out for. If your seeing a loss in power order up a gasket + ring and get to work! Would make a good chance to check the condition of all your internals but I would wait til end of season and really beat on it til then.
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