To sell or not to sell that's my question?

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We are thinking of selling our DTX Firehammer to save up for a new Baja. I'm thinking it could help us get a Baja sooner but, I'm not sure its a good idea or not to let go of the Firehammer for what always happens to our hobby items, a loss. I would put it on Ebay but not sure of a cost or what I should keep on it for upgrades. Here is a list of upgrades I could add or sell separately what do you guy's think? Sell, Keep and save, or separate and sell the upgrades individually? Also I upgraded the radio to a Spektrum should I include it or keep it for the Baja and sell the Firehammer without TX&RX.

List of items that can be included:

Firehammer w/ many extra stock parts.
Spektrum DX3.
Alloy motor mounts that I just bought for $100.00 and have not installed.
Alloy gears big and small.
Oniells 27CC upgraded head and piston like new.
Stock exhaust gutted. A new stock exhaust or my old FG 3pc. exhaust.

I have to replace the differential due to a broken differential case that allowed it to crap out the internal gears as well. That will cost me $80.00 in parts but that gets it back to like new condition and adds no value.:(

Thank you and sorry so many questions just confused and impatient.:(


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Hey BtB I would keep the Spektrum and sell everything else.That's what I did to get my baja:) Do it because you will never even remember the hammer when you get the Baja:cool2: :)
i would sell the hammer also. i would also put the mounts in a seperate auction. or u could just convert it to look like a baja.
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I have both, and they are both fun indeed. The market's not so hot for large scale stuff, but IMHO the baja is more fun, it's not as squirrley as the FH.
Whats it worth?

Ok, 1 more question. How much should someone expect to get for a used FireHammer or what do you ask for? Here is mine. It is totally stock and looking brand new except for the 27cc upgrade, FG shocks in the rear, lighter springs in the front & VoltWatch. The down side is there is no differential and Dif gear ($62.00+SH to replace), had to cut the body to a baja from cracking and no TX&RX. Any ideas?
Thanks again, BTB

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fix the diff, and you may get 550 or so for it, maybe 600.00 top side. it is clean.
fix the diff and post it in all the forums for 650.00 and see who bites. then ebay away a few weeks later unless you don't want to wait.
Do you have the original Futaba FM radio you can put back in?

You are probably going to be offering this to buyers that have never been in large-scale before so the more complete, the better.

I wouldn't cut loose of the Spektrum either. Definitely sell the mounts separately.

I wish I had $100 in the RC budget so I could put those mounts on my Firehammer!
I'm waiting for the back ordered rear parts to arrive.:( I will post it here in the adds 1st before it goes on ebay. It will be reasonably priced without the radio and RX. I traded the radio and RX in when I purchased the Spektrum so I don't have it anymore.:blush: Who would think you would ever need it again.:censored:
I will PM you before listing.;) Thanks for the interest.
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