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Gladstone, OR
Tonight my wife and I are going to the hospital so she can be induced my new bundle of joy will be here on the 5th. I am so happy I can't wait to see my son:) this day however is dragging along.:( anyway I will post pics of him soon.
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:party-time: :clap: :flowers: :celebrate: :celebrate: :celebrate: :celebrate: Thats great news. A boy to, nice. I am very happy for you, congrats. Have you picked out a name?
We are expecting #2 in 2 weeks. I cant wait to, youre so right, the time drags. I just want her to be here now.
His name is Orion.
Congrats to you.
I have always wanted a kid and now he is just about here. The whole pregnancy has been worrysome as my wife is Diabetic. our actual due date is the 19th but they are inducing 2 weeks early.
The truck has been packed for 2 days now. nothing left to do except wait
Her due date was for the 19th, that is crazy. We want ours to be born on the 19th. Our actual date is the 22nd, we thought it would be nice for her to show up on the 19th(thats when we met and 5 years later bought a house on the same date).
I hope everything is well, I cant wait to see some pictures.
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