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memphis tn
hey i have a costumer with a fg beetle and we keep having a problem with the diff ring gear and the top shaft gear moving apart from each other, ive cleaned the surfaces, loctited and re-meshed everything but it keeps moving, my main question is does anyone have the part number for the larger top shaft gear that would take up the extra space from them spreading apart, thanks.
yea i believe it is the motor mounts, is there a better alternative to the plastic ones, im sure theres some aluminum ones, would that solve the problem? also he wanted to put a larger gear on the top shop for greater top speed thats the other reason why i asked.
The alloy mounts are a must they allow you to crank down the mounts tighter and will have less flex. The spur shaft gear and the diff gear are meshed by putting a business card between the two and tightening the motor mounts.
The best place to change gearing is the spur and clutch bell gears.
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