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There is a guy on RCU that said he was counting on 60 MPH with some modded engine. Guess he has been sniffing glue, paint, or something!! This kind of rc car is not going to get THERE!! On road cars struggle to get that fast and that is their cup of tea.

i ve seen reports of 45 - 50 with mods and reed cage and pipe. add some better gearing options and 60s only a tooth or two away.
im betting i ll see a baja doing 60 or close to it by some time this summer
I'll kiss someone's butt in the middle of main street if that can be proven. Wrong style of car. All of these "reports" of speeds and most will end up being a radar gun used running left to right or vise versa which is not accurate. Only straight at you or straight away. Then I have seen not a single pic of anyone using a gps which is the MOST accurate of the 2.

Hey I hope it happens but not likely.

I think it may be possible when the matched pinion and spur gear sets are available, but not until then. I don't think a one tooth pinion change is going to do much though.
i agree that one tooth wont make it. but there is more than one way to skin a cat.

put a 18t pinion on, and then drop the drive gear from 20t to 19t with a good modded motor, i can see 55. some are seeing 50 now, without gearing.
Guys 60mph on a car that size is scary...I see the 10th scales do it all the time and even they had a hard time controling it. I'm not saying it impossible but u better be in a really big space with very few if any obstacles, u'll be getting from point A to B faster than u can react to something jumping in ur a tree or light pole base.
I think these will be more controllable at speeds than 1/10 scale, general drag racing type stuff. A fuel altered w/ short wheel base, all over, nice long top fuel, pretty straight lines. Corny huh? Seriously though, Longer wheel base, wider car=more control. jmo
Hey Turtle, have you calculated the gains of the 18T over the 17T??

Me and a mate did it while we were board and traveling in a car, and we got that if it did do 70km it would do about 82km with the 18T

Heres how we figured it, but im most likely wrong :p
52 teeth on original, 17 on original

52/17 = 3.06
52/18 = 2.89

Difference = 3.05-2.89 = 0.17 delta

70*0.17 = 11.9 gain

New top speed = 70+11.9 = ~82km/h

I guess its a bit more, ~12% increase... but until you make me some plastic/metal matched sets, I think I will wait.
I worked it out to be about 3.5 km/h difference. You forgot to add the final drive into your workings. But than I am often known to be wrong. lol
To tell you the truth, what I posted was not what we worked out, we worked out about 3.5km/h difference at 70km/h also

I changed my calcs in the post because it made more sense.

We worked out:
52/17 = 3.06
52/18 = 2.89

Difference = 3.05/2.89 = 1.05 delta

70*1.05 = 73.5 new top speed

But i changed the calcs in the post because they made more sense. Whats the point of a 5% increase??
Nothing if you ask me. If anything because of the small difference I am thinking of trying both the 18 and the 16. The 16 will give 5% more pickup which could be useful on the track but the 18 I don't see th point of such a tiny increase
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