transfer gear/ idlergear? not meshed

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This small gear lost its mesh witht he diff gear. It atcually moved down the shaft a little bit. What is the easiest way to get access to this gear and fix it? It looks like I would have to remove the roll cage and engine? Any other way?
hmm took truck apart and the transfer gear has not moved or anythin. Looks a bit worn. What could have messed up the gear mesh? How do you even adjust the gear mesh for transfer gear and diff gear.
More then likely the motor mount screws came loose allowing the motor to drift away and move right or left throwing the gear out of alignment. Alloy motor mounts are a good idea for this model.

To adjust the two gears you need to:
Loosen the motor mount screws slightly so that the motor can slide front to back and slightly right to left.
Place a business card between the two gears.
Point the front of the car straight up in the air.
Push the motor toward the diff gear with light pressure with the card between the gears. The card will be your mesh.
Make sure the gears are flat against each other and not too far to the right or left. (If your gear is worn from riding sideways you will need to replace it. Also check that the diff gear has not been damaged or worn, replace it also if wear can be seen.)
Tighten the motor mount screws. (Check these screws each and every time you run the car until the alloy upgrade can be done. It is also recommended a sealant be installed on the head so you can visually check if they have spun loose.)
Remove the card by turning both tires rotating it out of the gears.
Recheck the mesh of the gears - They should not be so tight as to bind but tight enough so as to not be sloppy. When looking from above the gears should align side to side.
Hope this is what you where asking for.
Good luck!:)
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okay. I am going to take a pic of the transfer gear and diff gear tommarrow. See what you think maybe I should replace it. Thought about buying the aluminum diff housing too. Is there a stronger transfer gear that I could buy? How do I prevent it from loosening up on me?
I think there is a stronger gear set not too sure but I think it comes from over seas.

The alloy diff housing I would say is a great investment I tore up a plastic housing taking out everything in the diff. Expensive lesson.

The motor mounts "I think" are letting your motor move away from the diff gear or allowing the motor to twist sideways. When you took your motor off where the four motor mount screws under the model loose or easy to turn out and remove? If so they probably worked there way out and loosened enough to allow movement. They must stay tight and should be checked every time. If you have the truck I think it comes standard with the small alloy mount. Make sure to use blue locktight with with the alloy mount screws and crank down the plastic ones being careful not to strip out the holes.
I have the duratrax firehammer. When I took off the engine I had to use my dremal and cut one of the screws turn it into a flat head screw so I could take the scew off. It wass very tight. Origanal owner must have thread locked it. I don't see how the engine moved when I was running it. Where can I buy aluminum alloy engine mounts the big ones? USA shop please. Would a lock washer work better than the stock washers?
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You can find the alloy motor mounts in the US here - - But will need a Paypal account.
The parts are ordered from here:
also the hardened gears are from here too. Shipping will kill you hence the reason we wait and order from FGhopups.
You can get stock gears and parts here:**&P=PU
Or at ANY Duratrax dealer / hobby shop - They can order them for you but you will need the item #'s.
The stock gears will be fine if kept meshed. Once the gears a screwed up they will skip or push the large motor mount away messing with the mesh - Replace them for the minor cost from tower. If the original owner had used super glue then they where having problems keeping it tight or they stripped it out and resorted to the permanent try. Get a cheap set of plastic motor mounts till the alloy arrive cause it will take a while for FGHopups to get a large enough order together for his shipping discount.
Good luck!:)
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