Truck cleaning primer please?

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Atlanta, Georgia
Hi guys,
Would someone please give me quick primer on how to properly clean my MCD Monster truck, particularly what is WD40 used for and where can/should I spray it and where should I not spray it?

What cleaning tools, brushes, etc?

I have an air compressor and I can get WD40.

I'm going to go against the grain and tell you not to use WD-40. Although they sell it as a lubricant, it is actually Water Displacing - 40th try. You would be better off using a small oil syringe to lubricate you moving joints. I just don't like spraying WD-40 all over and then having the dust in Arizona all over my truck. Depending where you live, it might be different for you.
i blow everything off with air compressor air gun or nozzle then i take my mixture of denatured alcohol & simple green together then spray it all down i usually do maybee front first then back but do one area at time you can use a bunch of different brushes i use different lengths of paint brushes (cheap ones) brush off dirt that don't come off with spray and then spray with air to blow off dirt and mixture just keep doing this till your satisfied and then when your done blow off somemore i use brake cleaner or carb cleaner to outside of carb and aluminum pieces that don't get cleaned good and blow off with air .spray brake cleaner in brake pad area to clean good then use air when your done cleaning. ive used wd-40 over a-arms and plastic parts and then use air to blow off parts with wd-40 just don't spray brake area with any lubricant ive also used spray on foam armor all or other protectents when i got done cleaning works good to .you will have to experiment simple green itself is good for cleaning all rc tires good luck
I use it as I wash my cars with water and I'd rather displace the water afterwards than have it start to form rust. The wd40 is great for making your truck look like new again, as usabaja said its not really a lubricant but a water displacer. It will make the plastic parts look great but don't rely on it for lube. I usually degrease and wash my cars with a hose (after blocking all spots where water can get into the engine and removing or covering servos), blow off all the water using air comp then spray a liberal amount of wd40 all over the thing. Try not to get it into the clutch and the brake, it will make them slip. After WD40 I blow dry with air comp again, let it sit for 24hrs and take it for a spin the next day.
I just tried something new.. I got this bicycle dry lubricant to see how well it does. It is supposed to repel dirt (I'll believe that when I see it)...
I'll keep you all updated!
I got this bicycle dry lubricant to see how well it does.
I have been using it on moving parts. Works well but I find everything will attract dirt in time. I also use WD-40 on parts and shafts after washing with water, gives that new look. I will also use it in a small cup to clean out the bearings when regreaseing and cleaning - Degreasing is the word - DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR BEARINGS:nono: , unless you are removing the grease. I somehow got a gallon of it years ago and use a rag to wipe down the parts also have many old tooth brushes for deep cleaning. Using a more expensive electric cleaner for removing deep oil residue at the carb found the brake cleaner works the best and is cheaper, but will mark some plastics especially those gear covers. Never use any of the quick cleaners on the plastic it will mark them. Use a no wipe tire spray on tires and allways use my Amsoil High Tack Foam Filter Oil after washing the foam filters with dish soap and water.
Blow drying is a great idea and would prevent the water from sitting and causing wear on those metal parts.
I also use the mighty air compressor....


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I just tried something new.. I got this bicycle dry lubricant to see how well it does. It is supposed to repel dirt (I'll believe that when I see it)...
I'll keep you all updated!

I tried some like that and it marked my plastic, left a crappy white stain. Do a trial on some hidden parts first before you go attacking hinge pins and stuff like that.
Good to know Thanks! I tried it on the central drivetrain to see how it handles. I also put it on a bearing (I hope this will not kill it) we'll see.. I have replacements in case...
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