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Surrey, BC, Canada
I sold my Marder locally and bought an electric bike. We are going to be building a track for the offroads over winter, so I will get another later, but the bike I can play outside my detail shop and not offend anyone.

Right now it's a stock rtr, but I ordered some stuff from to plant it, and I sold my 8th scale buggy to the xray truggy team driver at the nats, and part payment is a schulz brushless controller and a plettenberg motor. this thing should do gymnastics with that motor, let alone back flips

the guys I share the retail space with are doing sandblasting and powder coating, so I plan on stripping the frame and such down and having the parts coated.

I sure missed having a bike around. and why does thunder kitty still put that stupid wedge tire on the front of the electric bikes? I mean ya the old one until they figured out it sucked, but this is the new des model!! and for someone to learn I guess the slow speed is ok, but I was doing 4 inch drops off the loading ramp to parking lot to make things interesting... it's sooooo slow stock.

and the fuel tubing pushed over the servo horns for steering is just too funny. at least I don't have to worry about speed wobble yet LOL
good thing about a TTR bike is I can order from Bruce at 2wheel. If I had to depend on our canadian distributor I'd be screwed.... Hey Darren.... I needed a replacement gas tank for the NEW nitro bike I bought remember? it leaked.... it was a year ago may 19 that I asked for a replacement and you said it was being taken care of..... still waiting dude

TTR canada sucks (oh and the Xray truggy driver used to be the big team guy for TTR lol)

you had to get me going didn't you.....

I like my bike. once you fix the flaws, they drive nice.
I have a TTR FM1e electric on road bike and it is a blast to drive.

I don't race but I tear up the big re-paved parking lots every once in a while.

I think the TTR bikes are great for the price.
Oh baby. I got the Plettenberg Extreme motor and a Schulz controller tonight. Now I twiddle my thumbs waiting for the parts to show up. I left it half apart.

I wanted to adjust the chain and found the dual swingarm is fake. I had an FM1 before, and it had the single. I chopped mine off. It was a pain to get anything on the nut and I think it looks better without it.

modifier, I was about to hit rcgroups forum and research servo placement on the electric for adding a front brake. I never tried to put one on the other electric. how did you get yours connected?
ordering the parts from and Bruce is the best to deal with...

I made a mistake on my order and needed a nitro front rim to use the brake but I wrote Bruce and he's changing my order. I love it
I finally got the front brake figured out. the servo I got was a bit small but it provides braking. I'll get a hitec 225, or even an 81 or 85 next to try. this little 55 fit in for now and there's room for either of the above in the same spot, I'll just have to cut some of the rx tray.

Now if I have some good weather this week I can play with it. the stock radio had to go as I was getting bad range issues. kind of sucked because I would just have it far enough away to try out full speed and it would glitch and fall over. then I'd have to walk over to get signal again...

Sure hope I can get the on road guys into these things this year. I am going to run on road this year coming up. been many years since I did that. just tired of nitro off road. sold all my nitro stuff. down to 2 electric rc's now.

that and I had to move my detail shop into my house garage. not much room out there for much of anything now with all the equipment. I can just fit a car in there hehe (shelves are up high and multi level so I can get doors open. I couldn't get the shop to pass building inspections so couldn't get my business license and repairman's plate. I went to city hall to transfer to my home location and 5 mins later after a change of address form, I was licensed. holy crap... I rented that shop for 2 months and spent a fortune (landlord still owes me $300 for the electrical repairs I had done)
took the bike out but had some issues with the front end.... time to get the dremmel out and do some modding. I lost an axle screw. I got lucky when it veered off the road into a ditch, it landed in the grass at the edge of a deep puddle hehe....

you know I should have remembered the front axle screws from the nitro. I took the easy way out and just put a gob of loktite on and loosened the screw a touch to keep things from binding.... time to fix that up. I wanted to rip that plastic brake rotor off anyway. it looks stupid not spinning hehe
Here's a couple pics to show the steering mods and such. On the servo steering shock, the threaded part that goes onto the ball end connecting the triple, snapped off at the threads. so thin. I admit the steering problems were builder error lol. spring tensions were all wrong, no wonder it was a slug... anyway, I filed it flat, drilled it out, tapped a bolt in and attached an 8th scale captured typed end. should be much better.

I used servo grommets for the stabilizer shock off the servo mount and installed a ball on the end. oil is a bit heavy but I only have one bottle here (gave it all away with the rc clearout of nitro stuff). I'll see how it is first. the other I had used oil from a buddy.


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The front rim is the nitro one so I could add the brake disc. pmt soft treaded tires with orange inserts. I custom mounted the brake cable and the servo is glued to the chassis back by the rx tray. it does help with the braking/breaking lol but I would like to put a better servo like an 81,85 or 225 later (it's a hitec hs 55).for a bigger servo I might have to chop/hack the rx tray...

you can also see the new holes for the bolts through the chassis. I raised the front a bit and moved it back 2 mm. it gives a little more ground clearance, so better turning. and the body doesn't rub the ground in extreme leans. I like it to turn sharp. I have glued some hard rubber foam under the rar swingarm as a limiter. next time I open the shock I'll increase it there.


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I am able to access the dip switches on the controller through the frame

yes I need to get to the hobby shop and get some deans plugs... one of these days I will drive out


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just a patriot at heart... proud Canadian from BC, so a little advertising..

and yes the plastic brake thing is gone. I used a couple bearings and 2 glow plug washers. now I can crank the axle bolts down properly and have a free spinning wheel


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Click here to watch TTR-Brushless-RC-Motorcycle

there's a short vid running at a lacrosse box before the weather turned bad. my buddy finally figured out how to operate his camera in the new phone lol. I put a used battery in. since I have changed to dean's plugs (finally) and now am running a 5k mah lipo. the lipo is a 2 cel but it's a big difference in speed and power. I tried taking it out a couple weeks ago but I couldn't even lean a turn or it spun out because of how cold the cement is... man I hate winter
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