Tuned pipe or x-can

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I got and x-can on my 28cc zenoah that I am transferring from my Fg to my MCD Race Runner. The tips are side mounted. I was wondering if anyone was using this application and if the hole you cut out in the shell look ok. If I have to I will buy the $270 samba pipe that is completely internal to the buggy.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanx cyclops. The only thing I noticed with the way the suspension tower is setup on the Race runner, there doesn't seem to be any room for the stingers to go through. That is just an observation that I made by looking at pictures. Nothing concrete yet since I don't have the car.
you can purchace the flexable exhaust tubbing also if that might help with the xcan . yes i could only imagine the excitement waiting for a mcd to arrive .. lucky guy ..
good luck and don't bite your nails off waiting ..
Thanks Cyclops,
I've been wanting one of these for over a year now and finally I am gonna get it. I had an HPI Baja and an FG Baja (still kinda have the FG and looking to get rid of it). Anyways, both of those are great cars and kept me very happy, however, I want to be the guy with the different car when I go bashing with my friends. LOL You know what I mean?
Samba Tuned pipe it is. I just ordered on from Largescalerc.com and I should have it by Monday or Tuesday of next week. To me it is the most logical choice for protection of the pipe and the hiding factor.
Will post pictures of the whole thing once assembled.
i think you ll find some very good gains from the Samba. i have heard nothing but praise about their pipes.
My bank account is looking pretty skinny after that purchase LOL.. I think you're right T it can only be good gains from this pipe.
My Samba should arrive next Tuesday. And my Race Runner arrives today. Will try to post pictures this weekend.
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