tuned pipes whats best?

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I liked my FG 2 piece best, mind you I have only tried the dominator torquer and the FG 2 piece. The torquer was very unforgiving as far as stressing the chassis and backing its mounting bolts out - even helped cause a blown head gasket IMO. The FG pipe is a lot more forgiving with its flex piece and gives really good power all over the rev range, its heaps quieter than the jetpros and dominators. I wouldn't recommend the TGN pipe but the jetpro seems like a good pipe, have seen an insanely quick FG baja with a stock 26cc and a jetpro wheelying at 60km/hr with 20/44 combo and lead weights in the front end! :no:
As per above.
The Dom top end pipe is nice also.
If you are creative you could always add a flex joint to the pipe as long as you don't change the length.
I've used the 3pc. Fg pipe and the Dominator High end pipe.
The FG is aluminum and dents quite easy, but does have give with the two flex hoses. The dom is steel, only problem I've had was landing square on the rear and bending it (Wheelie bar stops that now) they replaced it for free.
The dom sounds much louder and with the MT speed (for me) is not really the answer it was made for. Torque and grunt is what I like and the Dom gives it a little of both. Either way the pipes fit under the body and should not get a direct hit unless using without.

The G260 will come alive with any pipe you install!:2guns:

Good luck and welcome!:cool2:


Bent Dom:
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the TGN is the better pipe IMO because it has a flex joint in it ulike the Jetpro .. if they had one for my MB i woulda grabbed it but only for the MT so i went jetpro v2 MB and had a 2 piece fg and i feel the JP is alround better pipe then the FG pipe ..
but thats my experience between them ..
I have the Dominator torque pipe, and hindsight being 20/20, I would go with the top end pipe, because I like the way it is shaped better. Don't forget the wheelie bar.
I have the Dominator torque pipe, and hindsight being 20/20, I would go with the top end pipe, because I like the way it is shaped better. Don't forget the wheelie bar.

I'm feeling ya brother but I got some ally tube today and extended the wheelie bar by 20mm or so.... walla hey presto.
what tuned pipe is best

i'm new to large scale and want to know what pipe would work best for theG260rc1.i'm looking for top speed.

Pretty much any tuned pipe is going to open up that Zenoah and turn your truck into a different monster.

Jetpro v2 is a great pipe
Samba Marder also expensive,but really openes up that motor.
MT5 jetpro
ST6 Jetpro
FG 3pc is a nice deep sounding and performing pipe aswell.

Hope you find what you need!

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Has anyone of you tested a M. Mielke offroad tuned pipe system? Hobbythek sells them for €74.90 witch is €100 cheaper than JetPro and Samba.
The pipe looks like a 3-chamber FG tuned pipe and i think that M. Milke makes them for FG....

Could this be something to buy or should i save the money and buy a JetPro or Samba?
Hi had one of those, but now I ordered a DDM, and sell that one.

It's a good pipe, powerfull, as said before gives good power in every rpm range, and does not sacrifice our mt parts, the others like jetpro,ddm, tgn, samba, etc, changes our engine performance completely, but the sacrifice the engine mounts, chassis, with all that power.


(hope that you can understand my text..)
Thats the pipe I run (but with FG stamped on it - yes mielke makes them for FG - at least he designed it anyway) and for offroad and jumping I wouldn't recommend anything else, its flex is great and won't wreck other parts of your car.
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