UFC fans??

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Anyone like to watch the UFC fights? If so who is your favorite fighter? I have to go with Chuck Liddell he is a good all around mma fighter.
My favorite is Forrest Griffin. That dude is a loose cannon. He dosent even get warmed up till somone beats the hangover out of him. I have been keeping up with the UFC since they started making tapes. It has really changed since Dayna White ook it over. Alot more money and talent in it now.
yea, I really miss the old school UFC.
The time where it was one big tourny and you had multiple fight in one night.

And the best part was it was just like organized bat fighting back then, 15 seconds then someone got knocked out.
The only problem with the old way was if someone got hurt early in the night they had to fight the next fight with that injury. Not really a good way to see whos best.
yea but some of the fights these days are just 15 minutes of guys stand around then taking it too the ground and doing nothing.
I watch UFC an it's ok but I'm starting to rather Pride Fighting. When UFC was a one night tournament I thought it was the best thing ever....If you get hurt thats too bad! One round winner take all and not all of the BS rules like they have now....sanctioned fights blow!
i love the UFC. my brother almost made it into the ultmate fighter reallty tv show but he tested positive for drugs. so he didnt get in. o well theres always next year lol. but yeah i watch it every time its on PPV or regular tv.
i lover ufc i am going to see ufc 70 in manchester, uk next month. i watched ufc 68 lastnight the uprising and randy corture's comeback fight against tim silva and boyee was that a fight, randy at the age of 43 was absolutly awesome and now has his heavyweight belt back truly inspiring and jar dropping fight. randy corture is da' man and back with a vendence
just clocked your post, yeah randys fight was the best ufc fight i've ever seen pure skill and strength and i think tim silva looked shocked and even though he had the height and reach advantage he had no chance against randy who is a proper ufc legend in my book and at 43 still showed everyone how its done a real warrior and he has the upmost respect from me for that inspiring fight
Hell ya !!!!!! love mma.im a big ken shamrock fan that guy was one bad ass mo fo.I hated the way he went out. F that pumpkin head tito ortis i cant spell his name and that skanky Ho girl friend jenna jamison.Forrest Griffen is the man.
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