Ufc synthesis build

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What!!! I don't get it, how can they make a chassis that has no possibility of fitting existing dog bones. What makes the diff be so far away? I must have missed a pick again or something??? I even went back to the start and I'm still bewildered. Lol
Looks like it was mig welded, I can see the splatter, personally I would have them tig welded. I do forsee those welds cracking. But very curious to see how it goes John.

If you want to send me a set I can tig them for you
@John Parks did you cut the shafts and slide the sleeve in? Only way I can see it :unsure:... what did you use, stainless?

Yep, cut the shafts and slid them in. They are a tight fit, mig welded. I can tig, but switched my welder over back to mig. I don't forsee the weld breaking very easy, 2 tack welds I had to break with a pipe wrench lol.
Last one broke next to the ball end where it was turned down for clearance to the cup, not sure what the results will be. Testing needed! Lol

These are vesla shafts, so they are more stout on that end now. The turned ones I knew would bust their, just a bad design on the guy I had do it.
if you did cut it to slide the shafts on wouldn’t that cause some balance issues with the shafts? cuz there’s no way you could’ve welded it back perfectly straight

Lol how not? I assume by that statement you've never had any type of welding background or anything of that nature
Alright then, I say it's good to roll :LOL:

Good until it's not lol
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