Upgrade? ...or just crap?

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Hey guys just found this and was wondering what your thoughts are on this piece?


Personally I im not a fan of Chinese rip-off's but this might be a worthwhile addition. Actually, I don’t see this as a rip-off strictly as a MCD part as MCD do not offer an alloy transmission plate. The only ones available are from KC and are super expensive for what you get in my opinion so I guess you could say they ripped off KC rather than MCD. Anyway its not a debate I want to get into right now…

Cheesy gold anodising aside I wonder how this part will perform. Unfortunately it looks like a cast piece to me but the main reason for my interest is not particularly for its strength but rather for its heat sinking abilities helping to draw the heat generated from the clutch and brakes away and consequently extending the life of the gears and bearings. Ever felt how hot the bearings, clutch or brake shafts get are after a few mins of running?

It looks like a copy of the one sold by Mogatech!(http://www.mogatech.de/shop/index.php?a=3881)

Providing the Chinese part is a direct fit and is dirt cheap then it would be a excellent upgrade.

I have installed the King Cobra ones in both of my MCD cars and it certainly helps with cooling. The other benefit, especially when combined with the new steel gears, is that the transmission is far smoother - less drag.

All we need now is for MCD to produce the clutch and spur gears in steel.

I also originally wanted MCD to produce steel clutch and spur gears but am now not not so sure. For one not only the static but rotational mass weight penalty. For those that have bought the steel 3 & 4 gears will know what im talking about!

Second that would remove the transmission "give point" I would rather strip the $4 plastic gear than an $80 ring gear. But that aside a full set of steel gears would help distribute heat evenly. My steel lower gears get so hot you can barely touch them after 15 hard mins on the track. I fear they will melt the spur if I don’t do a few cool down laps afterwards.

As for the alloy transmission piece, I don't think there available yet but will try and find out when and how much. Regardless these will not be a straight bolt on solution according to the link above as if you look closely there are no holes drilled for the brake pad U holder nor the under side where it attaches to the chassis. Perhaps this pic was an unfinished prototype or something.
I might be completely daft and not getting the whole picture here, but I ordered the MCD alloy gearplate from the Norwegian MCD importer rc-racing.no


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I found allot of alloy things from MCD that I didn't find anywhere that mcd makes them. I have 4 alloy shock forks,and I didn't find them in any MCD catalog. And I think this MCD alloy gear plate is made in same place, and that alloy looks the same. Becouse its not CNC machined to be smooth, its, i don't know the words in English ,but I will try. Its the process when you have the alloy in liquid state and then you just put it in some kind of mold,and cool it down,and you get the finished product. I hope you know what I am trying to say. I found that mcd was doing alot of aloy things that way. I think its the same way they make plastic parts.
And when you make alloy that way, it don't have smooth shine surface.
And one more thing, CNC machined parts are much better quality than this kind of parts.

Here is the close picture of that gear plate

Price = €108,43 Price: €0,00 (Including tax)
How much is the tax in Norway?
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Tax is 25%

But this is delivered by MCD directly, so it should be available to anyone who dels MCD parts.

As of the shining part, ive seen people sand and polish this part down and make it as shiny as the KC part.
Doggy, Yes I understand what you are saying, the word in english is "cast" or "pot metal" which reffers to the process where molten alloy is poured into a mold to create a part.
Hey, thanks for the links. I sure hope the popularity picks up with the new MCDs out. It would be cool if there were more quality aftermarket parts for it loke the HPI Baja.
I think that this may very well be in the top 3 first parts I make for the MCD, along with some servo trays and front brace. I am going to look into it really seriously over the next week or 2.
Hi Doggy............

I garanti you that this Alloy Gearplate from MCD is much bether than the Gearplate from KC/Rossendale!

On the Gearplate from KC the gearwheels are to close together, and it is not possible to run the car on full trottle the first 10 minuttes when the gearwheels will melt. You have to breake in the gearwheels for 10 min every time you put in a new gearwheel.....

This Gearplate have the same Alloy (% and type) as the Gearplate from KC, so it is not less strong than the one from KC.

The one from KC is bether looking, yes, but look at the price man.....
MCD £86/KC £ 116,50.......:no:

Sorry for my bad english......
I just wanted to add that I have read about several people hat have had trouble getting the ball bearings into the KC plate without using to mutch force than whats good for the bearings.
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