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Orlando, Florida
I know some of you guys had said you had these. I have resolved some very basic issues with the v24. Auto Bailer etc.

Like some of the v24s this one only open about 2/3 at full throttle. How do you adjust to make it open all the way?
Hey Recon I saw the vids on the other forum before the switched servers... looks like a strong runner. Have you a chance to run it anymore? Did ya break 39mph?
you should have some adjustability in the linkages. but you should be able to adjust the endpoints on your throatle settings on your radio. id start there with the motor off but every thing else on, and adjust your throatle endpoints, and watch the butterfly valve, when its fully open stop! lol

you can also set it up so when at idle you can trim down and choke out the motor.
I haven't run it again yet, been tinkerin on it a bit. so I haven't gotten any better speeds than the vid you saw. The solution to the throttle problem was to open up the radio, and move the little lever to the next hole over...(much as it pains me rcu actually had this useful tip). It worked. I am in the process of doing some header work on her to make her a wet exhaust, as these had some header issues out of the box. Other than that i am sooooo lovin this boat!
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