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Here is a Video Post that I have worked on for a very long time and would like to see keep going. What it needs is members like you to go out and get video, reply to this post and I can update the post with your video. I have redone the Post from past copies and hope to of made it more user friendly. You will notice that the Post has been separated into categories that should help people get to the video that they would like to watch faster. It also has been separated into ON and OFF Road. There is plenty of room to add new vehicles and makes so don't be afraid if its not here yet.

If you would like to refer to this post to other members it has been set up so you can easily refer to the category number and then the number of the video. (Ex. "Video 10-1 would be category 10 video #1".)


(10) Miscellaneous / Mixed Makes / Models
Elcon Clutch Installation Video =
1. HPI Baja, Marder:
2. FGMB, Marder:
3. Misc. videos:
4. Misc. videos:
5. Misc. Videos:
6. FGMT, Marder:
7. Misc. videos:
8. Misc. videos:
9. FGMT, Marder:
10. FGMT, MB:
11. FGMT, Marder, Leopard:
12. Marders, Leopard:
13. FGST Marder, Hummer:
14. Marders, Leopards:
15. FG Mix:
16. FGMT, MB:
17. FGMT, MB:
18. FGMB & Marders on dirt track:
19. FGMB & Marders on dirt track:
20. FGMB & Marders on dirt track:
21. FGMB & Marders on dirt track:
22. FGMB & Marders on dirt track:
23. FGST and Marder on dirt track:
24. FGST and Marder on dirt track:
25. FGMB and Leopard on dirt track:
26. 1/5 Scale Pulling:
27. HPI Baja, Marder:
28. 1/5 Scale Pulling:
29. Outdoor/Off-road FG:
30. FG Marder & ST:
31. FGST & Marder:
32. Picking on the little guy:
33. Baja w/ FG:
34. FG's:
35. Video collection:
36. 1/4 scale:
37. FG racing off road:
38. FG Beetle, Leopard:
39. Takin a ride:
40. Off road action:
41. Off road action:
42. Off road action: the movie.wmv
43. Off road action:
44. Off road racing action:
45. Off road racing:
46. HPI Baja & FGMT:
47. Caravan race:
48. Trailor Racing:
49. FG Bling at Bass hill:
50. Bass hill:
51. Ice racing:
52. Baja, FG bash:
53. Baja, FG bash II:
54. Sand pit bash:
55. Petrol bashing:
56. Just another bash:
57. Just another bash 2:
58. Foxy's FG video collection:

(20) HPI Baja
Baja forum link:

1. HPI Baja jumps:
2. HPI Baja:
3. HPI Baja:
4. HPI Baja:
5. HPI Baja:;4820145;;/fileinfo.html
6. HPI Baja:
7. HPI Baja:
8. HPI Baja:
9. HPI Baja:
10. HPI Baja:
11. HPI Baja:
12. HPI Baja:
13. HPI Baja:
14. HPI Baja:
15. HPI Baja:
16. HPI Baja:
17. HPI Baja onboard cam:
18. HPI Baja:
19. HPI Baja:
20. HPI Baja:
21. HPI Baja:
22. HPI Baja:
23. HPI Baja:
24. HPI Baja:
25. HPI Baja:
26. HPI Baja w/new pipe:
27. HPI Baja:
28. HPI Baja:
29. HPI Baha:
30. HPI Baja:
31. HPI Baja:[/COLOR]
38. HPI Baja:
39. HPI Baja:
40. HPI Baja:
41. HPI Baja:
42. HPI Baja:
43. HPI Baja:
44. HPI Baja on Track:
45. HPI Baja & Xcan:
46. HPI Baja:
47. HPI Baja:
48. HPI Baja:
49. HPI Baja:
50. HPI Baja:
51. HPI Baja & Fg's:
52. HPI Baja:
53. HPI Baja:
54. HPI Baja:
55. HPI Baja:
56. HPI&FG:
57. HPI Baja:
58. HPI Baja w/TGN pipe:
59. HPI Baja w/TGN pipe:
60. HPI Baja:
61. HPI Baja DDM Pipe:
62. HPI Baja jumps:
63. HPI Baja Private Collection:
64. HPI Baja, Marder:
65. HPI Baja:
66. HPI Baja, MCD:
67. HPI Baja: 120mi:
68. HPI Baja:
69. HPI Baja w/pipe: baja&pageOffset=10
70. HPI Baja:
71. HPI Baja:
72. HPI Baja:
73. HPI Baja:
74. HPI Baja:
75. HPI Baja:
76. HPI Baja:
77. HPI Baja:
78. HPI Baja:
79. HPI Baja:
80. HPI Baja:
81. HPI Baja:
82. HPI Baja:
83. HPI Baja:
84. HPI Baja:
85. HPI Baja:
86. HPI Baja:
87. HPI Baja:
88. HPI Baja:
89. HPI Baja:
90. HPI Baja:
91. HPI Baja:
92. HPI Baja:
93. HPI Baja Bash 2007:
94. HPI Baja:
95. HPI Baja w/reverse:
96. Bass hill Baja:
97. Red Hot Bass Hill:
98. HPI Baja:

(30) FG Monster Truck

1. FGMT:
2. FGMT:
3. FGMT Jumps:
4. FGMT:
5. FGMT:
6. FGMT:
7. FGMT:
8. FGMT Camera:
9. FGMT:
10. FGMT:
11. FGMT:
12. FGMT:
13. FGMT:
14. FGMT:
15. FGMT:
16. FGMT:
17. FGMT:
18. FGMT:
19. FGMT 4 Wheeler w/animal :
20. FGMT:
21. FGMT:
22. FGMT:
23. FGMT:
24. FGMT:
25. FGMT:
26. FGMT:
27. FGMT:
28. FGMT:
29. FGMT:
30. FGMT:
31. FGMT with Marder tires:
32. FGMT dirt track:
33. FGMT:
34. FGMT:
35. FGMT:
36. FGMT:
37. FGMT:
38. FGMT:
39. FGMT:
40. FGMT:
41. FGMT Samba pipe:
42. FGMT On Outdoor Track:
43. FGMT w/lights:
44. FGMT DDM Pipe:
45. FGMT:
46. FGMT:
47. FGMT:
48. FGMT:
49. FGMT:
50. FGMT:
51. FGMT:
52. FGMT On Road:
53. FGMT:
54. FGMT:

(40) FG Marder

1. Marder:
2. Marder:
3. Marder:
4. Marder, Grizzly:
5. Marder:
6. Marder:
8. Marder:[/COLOR]
10. Marder:
11. Marder:
13. Marder:
14. Marder:
15. Marjet:
16. Marjet:
17. Marjet:
18. Marjet:
19. Marder Beatle:
20. Marder Beatle: (Watch the ending.)
21. Marder W/Reed installed:
22. Marder:

(45) FG Baja

1. FG Baja:
2. FG Baja:
3. FG Baja:
4. FG Baja:

(50) FG Monster Beatle / Pro

1. FGMB: (Download takes time)
2. FGMB:
3. FGMB:
4. FGMB:
5. FGMB:
6. FGMB, MT, Marder:
7. FGMB:
8. FGMB:
9. FGMB, Marder, MT:
10.FGMB, MT, Marder:
15.FGMB Pro:
18.FGMB + Misc R/C:
20. FGMB:
21. FGMB:
22. FGMB:
23. FGMB:
24. FGMB:
25. FGMB:
26. FGMB:
27. FGMB:
28. FGMB:
29. FGMB:
30. FGMB:
31. FGMB:
32. FGMB awesome air:

(60) FG Stadium Truck / Pro

1. FGST:
2. FGST:
3. FGST:
4. FGST, Marder:
5. FGST, Marder:
6. FGST, Marder:

(70) FG Hummer / Pro

1. FGMT Hummer:
2. FGMT Hummer:

(80) FG Leopard

1. FG Leopard Burn Out:
2. Leopard:
3. Leopard:

(90) Smartech Bigfoot / Duratrax MT

1. Smartech Big Foot:
2. Smartech Big Foot:
3. Firehammer MT:
4. Firehammer MT:
5. Duratrax MT:
6. Duratrax MT:
7. Duratrax MT:
8. Duratrax MT:
9. Firehammer MT:
10. Firehammer MT & DDM Pipe:
11. Firehammer MT & DDM Pipe:
12. Firehammer MT & DDM Pipe:
13. Smartech tire test:
14. Before and after DDM pipe install:

(100) Firehammer / Smartech Buggy

1. Traveller/Firehammer:

(110) Traxxs Monster Beatle

1. Traxxas MB:

(120) Kamitiro Buggy's & Truck

1. Kamitiro ST:
2. Kamitiro 4x4 Marder:
3. Kamitiro 4x4 Marder:
4. Kamitiro 4x4 MT:
5. Kamitiro 4x4 Marder:

(130) Hormann MT and Buggy

1. Hörmann Monster:
2. FGMB, HT1:

(140) MCD MT, ST, Rally and Buggy

1. MCD:
3. MCD:
4. MCD:
5. MCD:
6. MCD vs. FG:
7. MCD vs. FG:
8. MCD vs. FG:
9. MCD Race Runner:
10.Race Runner:
11.Race Runner vs. Baja:
12. MCD:
13. MCD Rally:
14. MCD 8X8: MCD
15. MCD 1000 & MT:

(145) HARM



(150) Misc. On Road Cars/Trucks

1. On road:
2. On Road:
3. On Road FG F1:
10. F1: cestovna.wmv
11. F1:
12. F1: CUP 2002 Formel 1.mpg
13. F1 on board camera: Onboard.wmv
14. On board camera:
15. On board camera:
16. Cars & F1:
17. Hobbypro GT:

(160) Misc On Road Truck


(170) On Road Cars

4. 2007 starts.wmv

(180) FG Off Roads Turned On Road

1. Marder:
2. Marder:
3. Marder:
4. MT:
5. MB:
6. MT Hummer:
7. Leopard:
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Thanks now Im never going to sleep...Saw this in the other forum you did a great job throwing all that together.Theres a few I havnt seen mixed in there.
Very nice list of videos! I would agree, that you did a outstanding job on the list.

I think I see a few of mine in the list. Cool deal. Should keep me occupied for a few, cold winter nights.
Added #256. DDM pipe on a Baja review from another forum:

The DDM Dominator pipe is one if not the nicest looking pipes avaliable currently for the Baja 5B. The fact that there are no welds, just a seam combined with the chrome finish of this pipe makes it stand out amoungst the rest. At first glance I had of this pipe I had visions of it being bent easily because of the way in which the pipe sticks out of the rollcage on the left side. However after putting my Baja through a good bash/test session all worries and thoughts of the pipe bending are just a that. The pipe survived many rollovers, landings directly on the pipe etc. All with just minor scrapes, scratches.

The only gripe I have about the pipe is how it will touch and actually melt the rear shock tower upright support along with the bottom side of the top rollcage. This is only minor, for the power gains of this pipe it is worth it.

Now on the to the beef of what a pipe is made to do. POWER!!!! Well in this case this pipe made the Baja wheelie more times than any other pipe I have had installed on the Baja. As you can tell from the video, my friend and I had a blast with this pipe today. It was a perfect day for running, although not a perfect day for the Baja. More on this at the end. The low-end power of this pipe is on tap with the TGN pipe. The throttle response is great, the top-end doesn't suffer at all, in fact the top end is better than the JP3 I believe! In this testing I'm running a 29CC CY engine from DDM. Can only imagine what a 30.5CC P/P engine is going to be like, that is next on the list. This will truley be seen in the next pipe tests with the DDM pipe drag racing the JP3, also will mix in the TGN pipe as well.

In making this video I managed fry the diff. This was in that the differential completly locked up to act like a positrak, no diff action a happening. I have yet to disassemble the tranny/diff to inspect the damage. Could have really used the Turlte Racing aluminum diff case cover if that is for sure what the problem ends up being. In the end it was worth it, haven't had this much fun with the Baja in about 3 months due to winter.

If you are thinking about the DDM Dominator pipe (AKA Angry Hornet!) stop thinking about one and go buy it! Well worth it.
I still read a little over there but thats about it.I had my PM taken away for telling people about other sites such as the HBF and this one.OH well I didnt get much help over there anyways.This will be much better Imo.
I still read a little over there but thats about it.I had my PM taken away for telling people about other sites such as the HBF and this one.OH well I didnt get much help over there anyways.This will be much better Imo.

Did someone nark you out or do they wire tap the PM's?:phone:
I do the same thing so guess it won't be long for me either.:ph34r:
I really don't know witch but the people I pm'ed are on HBF now so I don't know if there really private or what?

Well it happened to me.:( They took away my PM's with no explanation. They also started deleting my posts that they said and I quote "Reason:Not related to original topic." ya, like everything there is exactly to topic. So, I helped them out and deleted some for them. Whatever, I am completely here now and not using RCU any longer. They must be reading all the PM's.:no: Or they realize how mush better it is here and are using it. I can hear them now OMG there is another forum other then us out there.
I'm sorry for ranting and yes this is way off subject, I just needed a little release I'm better now.:blush:
Thank GD for this place.:celebrate:
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