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I am uploading my video to Putfile. When I'm creating my video in Windows Movie Maker and want to save it to my computer to upload to putfile it asks what size would you like it and there are many to choose from. I want to make sure the majority can watch but not be bogged down but on the other hand be able to make out what it is. What do you guys use for large video upload sizes?
An Ex. would be: Video for broadband (512 Kpbs), (150), (340) or ISDN (48 Kbps) and there are many I just don't understand like (NTSC) or DV-AVI. It also has dial up at (38 Kpbs) but that really sucks to watch it looks horrible.

Please help.:(
Btb, typical video size for internet usage is around 320x240 resolution for smaller file size. NTSC is an North American Video Standard as opposed to PAL for Europe. With NTSC, frame rate is 29.7 frames per second.
You usually get some sort of MPEG file from an ordinary video file. To farther compress it for size and quality factors, DivX is a popular format. You will usually see these files with extension AVI. The freeware I like to use and widely recommended (I used to host a forum providing technical assistance regarding video/audio editing) is VirtualDub. I prefer to use Freeware whenever possible since many don't want to spend money on something like this. You can find it with Google. You can go to this site for help if you need to
There is a tutorial on how to use VirtualDub there.
Or contact me.
As for your question about uploading, those numbers regarding the bandwidths is basically simplify the converting process during your upload. Higher bandwidth is required for a smooth streaming of a higher resolution video. Usually, you would upload it at the highest allowable for the site so others can see the best quality as possible. But the ones with low connection speed will not able to view it smoothly. I hope you understand whant I meant. So the choice is up to you as how the video will be view by others.

Hope this help you.

Chop Suey.
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