Vintage Lancia Delta Rally body / Car

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I wanted to post that Dynamic / Bergonzoni have a Lancia Delta, Fiat Abarth 500 + 600, Renault Alpine. I do not know the exact wheelbase, but they may fit the Leopard chassis. I have sent an E-mail to inquire the measurements and Prices of the Bodies. I will post as I find out more.
That might look cool on a leopard chassis.. I think it might also look cool on an MCD 4WD rally car chassis. I believe the wheelbase on MCD are around 540mm I'll have to check.
Reply from Bergonzoni

The info provided is as follows...

...the whellbase is 465 mm. and width 385. Lenght is from 700 to 900, according to the type of the body. I think you can adapt it to the Marder, cutting the fenders, if you like to use off-road tyres, as they are made for 120 diam. wheel. Or you could also put our road wheels on your car, the square hub is 18x18 mm...
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