wanted!!! FG ST parts

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Hey all, i need 2 front wishbone pins for my FG ST. I have almost all the parts to put it back together, i bought 2 pins, and everywhere i look, i have found some, but they want a minimum to ship, or shipping is $10 bucks on a $7 part.

If anyone has some, please let me know. FG part # is 6181/01

Not sure how close they are but

Ray and Robins Hobby Center
734 Riverside Street
Portland Maine 04103

Is listed as a FG Dealer in your area and they may be able to order it in and send it too you.
I have been there many times, nice place, good group, but not much into largescale, other than planes. And ordering FG parts i guess is taking up to 4 weeks, and i didn't want to wait that long, figured someone might have a set around.
Do you have a Duratrax dealer near you?
If so the FGMT takes the same Hinge pin and the pin measures 5.9 mm x 93 mm but DTX makes the same hinge pins for the Firehammer except its only 88 mm long. The Firehammer Front hinge pin set will work in the front of the MT you just will not use the spacers (Plastic clips) to take up the extra room on the FG pin.
Ok, now for the best part of the story - http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXHTS6&P=PU The dang things are dirt cheap and you can afford shipping and you get 4 instead of 2.
NICE, thanks BTB. I'll order some up asap, i have found some FG ones, but i'll buy up some of these and try them also.
when i had my fg i made new pins after i bought those cnr arms from you outta .234 tool steel and cut grooves for the clips , they are ground finish aswell if you have the resourse i'd say do that . any tool supplier will stock that and was cheap also for me up here was 5 bucks for a 6 or 8 inch lenght
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