Well it WAS working.....


As some of you may know, i have been working on an old supercross for a while getting the basics right.

I took it for a blast on Monday, and i have broken it...

My own fault i must admit.

On one of the rear wheels, the square part that fits into the wheel was fitted (bt me) the wrong way round and i did not push the wheel fully onto it.

After a while the car was going slower and slower, and evetyually, i stopped it to see what was up.

The square shaft things was spinning inside the rear wheel, and teh diff was taking the strain.

I took the wheel off (this has now had it), and noticed there was some play in one section of the gearing as the brub screws were not tights.

After disengaging the gears, the engine and pinion spin freely, and the diff works smoothly, but there are two more bearings that a graunchy that need replacing.

Is there a quick way of getting these bearings out...? (the brake disc sits on this axle)

I know a picture would be good, but i will ahve to wait till i get home this weekend.



(It is actually quite fun fixing these things!)


Bajastafarian Madnes
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if they are in an aluminum housing, drop them on a tin in the oven for 10ish minutes thats been pre heated to 220*F. let them heat up for 10 minutes, and many times the bearings will drop out or come out with a slight push. use hot pads to hold the parts, they will be HOT> lol

if they are in a plastic housing, just take a small nut driver, and push the bearing out working around the edge of the race. sometimes you ll have 2 bearings next to each other, such as in a hub. here you need to work one bearing out by going thru the other bearings middle race, to acess the rear side of one of the bearings. once one is out, the other can be pushed out relatively easily.


countersunk screws

OK - si it is nearly back together....

I just need to replace some of the countersunk Torx screws that hold the engine and the engine mount to the baseplate.

Any ideas what size they are...?

Look like M4 csk