Well I've finnally actually joined!

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Waco TX.
I knew I really wouldn't be a 'real' member till I bought a 5b or somthing larger than 8th scale, so I bid and won a stock Baja 5b on ebay for $730 I don't think it's a terrible price, was it?:no:

Any tips? The guy told me it only had 2 tanks through it, although I've heard that story before!:nono:
Not sure, I'm going to overnight the money order first thing this morning and he is not too far away, so I'm hoping this weekend.

You may want to take a look at the articles at the top of this forum, some good tips on things to do. Also this forum is full of a lot of people that have a HPI Baja and plenty of knowledge so just ask! :D

Scriv did this guy on ebay have good feedback?I don't trust those money order deals on ebay.Before you send the MO ask the guy if you can pick it up in person,if he makes excuses not make the sale in person then:nono: :no:
No he seems to be on the level, he doesn't have a lot of feedback (bummer) but he has been returning my emails and seems to be on the level, the guy is in Alabama I'm in Texas, it's a large drive, I'm not gonna meet him!!
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