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:scooter:Hi all, Well I sold my FG MT5 :crying:here->https://www.largescaleforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1070 .& I want to get a boat 55" or longer Deep V. I want a good power plant "Zenoha" that will run 40+mph with a water pump colling system & trim tabs that I can use a 3ed channel on to adjust. I got around $2,000.00. I am open to any sugestions. I looked at the Shockwave55 around a year a go at the local hobby shop, but it didn't have a clutch. What do yall think about this one->http://www.rcuniverse.com/magazine/article_display.cfm?article_id=695? I do not want to put in a lot of hop up's or upgrades! & I want a good dependable one. Any :helpsmilie:I would be greatfull for! Thanks, shockwave5506.gif Magnum57.jpg
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don't buy a shockwave 55 the warehouse hobbies boats are worth the investment as they are always getting good reviews if its a deepvee you are after i would definately think about an ac lazer with a 27cc sikk and tuned pipe and pulse pumps to cool your engine id also go with an iv bag than a tank you can find the lazer here


if u can put a fifth scale back together you can build a boat from scratch i built my ac blastcat from hull up andy from ac gives you a good instruction sheet to follow to get the best from his hulls and they are built like tanks but fly thru the water very well
you can also have a colour in your gelcoat with different effects as i got my blastcat in blue with siver radiance
if its the build you are worried about incase you get stuck there is no problem as i have built 3 boats and about to help a mate build a 50 inch cat up also the guys on rc universe boat section have a wealth of knowledge
as i said before the build isnt as hard as it looks very easy and you get the satisfaction of building it from scratch then seeing it on water
as i had the same fear of building it myself but see once you do one you will know it isnt as hard as it looks
the warehouse hobbies rtr boats are very good for the money and the shockwave there has been talk of hulls cracking etc but for me i would never buy a ready to run boat simply because of the fact of building it to your own spec andy at ac boats tests his hull design and stength by dragging it behind his truck and andys quality is second to none you wont get a better laid hull from anywhere in the world and with a 27cc sikk with tuned pipe in that u will keep up with any jetski out there thats why for the money you have to spend id be seriously without doubt be buying a ac lazer 45 and building it to the spec i want
Get a Warehouse Hobbies. Best boat around for the cash in my opinion. I have one. Or got for the Gusto with a Bonzisports boat.
I have a shockwave 55, I've had no problems w/ mine and its 2 yrs old now. I've had to replcase the flex shaft and tube, and recently ripped off my rudder, but was able to have a buddy re-weld it for me. I will say the shockwave is tippsy on rough water, i've flipped mine 4 x's and sunk it once. After drying out all electronics and getting the water out of the motor, it ran very good. I will say... my next boat will most likely be a Bonzi brand and around 49-64 inches long. My rtr shockwave has been all good.
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