What did the postman bring you today?

Another beautiful cage for the collection, came with new hpi parts also and a few rare pieces. also some more vitavon wheels for the 40 baja. Also came with 2 more brand new sets of clear Lexan panels for the cage that were custom molded, only ones in existence as far as I know

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Nice find love the light setup and goes perfect with the rims


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oop north
today the postie fetched me a new 30 DNT roller (y),
this will be stripped for most of the drive line and some other parts for my one off build,
the rest will probably end up as a hybrid at some point (y):D,
for the one off build it works out cheaper to buy a complete roller instead of just buying the diffs, dogbones etc etc,
so this is the first part of whats gonna be a lengthy time to get all the parts and materials together for the build,
need to take some measurements and stuff like that to make sure some mix n match parts are gonna work together,
i still have other stuff to finish off first though,



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Got home from work and Mrs. Dizzle was excited to show me that my package from Primal arrived today.

Reached out to the team at Primal when I saw the new version V3 body and had to score one. They had one complete; cage, decals, driver and everything, ready to mount. It was one they had done for one of the prototypes that was never used. So I jumped on the chance to buy it. I couldn't wait until mid February to buy one, plus wanted one complete, cage and all so I can easily switch bodies. Here are a few pics. Pics on the rig will be in my build thread. Thanks again Primal!!!
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